Home Cleaning Company Philadelphia, PA - FAQ MBright Cleaning Services

It is easy to pay for your cleaning service with us. To reserve your cleaning day, pay 50% (non-refundable if cancellations are made within 48 hours) and then pay the balance on the cleaning day. It is important to understand that we have a no-pay, no-clean policy. We accept cash, checks, and Zelle. We do not invoice.

Our cleaning service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can report any concerns within 24 hours to our office by calling +1267-349-8073. We’ll gladly return at no charge to clean the areas you are unsatisfied with. Although we cannot issue refunds on services rendered, you can be sure it will be fixed.

Flat rate fees are charged based on the type of cleaning you request (such as light cleaning, deep cleaning, or move-out cleaning ) and these factors: Condition, square footage, and frequency of service. Unlike others, we will not nickel and dime you for any other services. Our fees are transparent, and you will know what to expect.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our work and customer service. While tips are welcome, they are not expected nor necessary. We are looking to gain your trust, and only then will we consider a tip appropriate

We provide all cleaning supplies and equipment. If you would prefer that we use your products, please let us know and leave it out for us on the day of cleaning. We are not responsible for damage to homeowners’ property or wear and tear of clients’ equipment.

Only you can decide to be there. While we cannot guarantee the arrival time, we can offer a window of time for your convenience. We know that your security is paramount and will ensure you are safe.

You can tell us which access you prefer by indicating a key, garage, or door code. We respect your privacy and will not share any addresses or information. We are not liable for damages or theft of the client’s home if the client leaves a door unlocked or places a key under a rug or other unsecured areas for cleaners to access their home. We are not responsible for false alarms that are not reported to them before they service the home.

It is helpful, and it makes our service more efficient. We ask that all clothing, toys, clutter, or other household items be picked up before the arrival of service. Also, please put away any valuable documents. Do not clean. That is our job. We are happy to accommodate your specific cleaning preferences. We reserve all rights to not clean areas with excessive clutter. This is to protect professional cleaners and avoid injury.

We also offer concierge services (special add-on services). Our customers are our top priority. We will go the extra mile for our clients to ensure they are satisfied with our work. Communication and customer relationships are important to us. We encourage you to ask questions and to expect the best from us. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we are willing to meet your needs. We value your time, honest feedback, and the chance to serve. We value your loyalty and are here to serve you for the long-term.

We love referrals! Refer a friend to us and tell them your name. We will give $XX off any cleaning you choose.

We love pets and are pet-friendly. While we know your pets, we cannot be held responsible for their safety during service. We don’t clean up litter boxes or collect pet waste. We recommend that you keep your pet outside or in a secure area if they are aggressive. This will ensure our safety.

Water and electricity are essential! Cleaning will have to be rescheduled if utilities are off.

We are committed to safety and health. Please let us know if you find any biohazardous substances. We don’t clean mold, rodent, bug infestations, or human or pet waste. We don’t lift heavy furniture, or do any other job that could risk our members’ safety or health. Our teams won’t be able to service your home if there is a biohazard.

Please notify us immediately if the object is damaged. Our team is skilled in handling fragile items and will always be careful with your belongings. Our insurance protects your property. An item might be damaged in rare instances. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by pictures that are not securely hung, items with unstable bases or floating shelves, improperly secured items, etc. The client should clean curios cabinets, figurines, and collectibles. The client should save any broken items for inspection. Please note that the client must point out any damage or omissions to surfaces during the walkthrough. We may ask the client to sign a waiver for any surface damage that is not yet done or is being caused by another company.

Please notify us 48 hours before canceling or rescheduling so we can fill the space we have reserved. We will notify you if it falls on a holiday, and we will reschedule.

Please call our office at +1267-349-8073 if you have specific questions.